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Albert Wilkes Manchester United 1932-33 team

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Albert Wilkes 15 x 10 reprint of  the Manchester United 1932-33 team line-up

Back  Richard'Dick'Black, Joe Spence,Clarence Hilditch,Arthur Chesters,John Moody,Leslie Lievesley, Frank Dawson,George Lydon.

Middle  A Scott Duncan (Manager) Louis Rocca (Ass Manager) E Conner  (staff) T Meakin,Tommy Frame,William'Billy' Woodward,Tommy Reid,Tommy Manley,Walter Crickmer,(Secretary)F Jones (Ass Trainer) Jack Pullar.

Front Andrew Mitchell,William McDonald,James Brown,Stewart Chambers,Jack Silcock,Bill Ridding,Arthur Warburton,Arthur Filton,Sam Hopkinson.

Ground  David 'DA' Jones,Jack Mellor,Ernest Vincent,Hugh McLenahan,Tom Jones,J Anderson

Wembley23 have Licensed the above print,silver halide printing on Fuji professional DP11 photo paperin lustre finish