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Albert Wilkes reprint Manchester United 1935-36

£20.00 Approx $23.78, €22.94

Code: 10341

Albert Wilkes 15 x 10  reprint of Manchester United 1935-36 team squad

Back James Gibson Chairman,Ronald Ferrier,John Griffiths,John 'Jack' Breedon,Tom Curry Trainer,John'Jack'Hall,William Porter,Tommy Manley,Scott Duncan Manager.

Sitting John Cape,George Mutch,Tommy Bamford,James Brown,Jack Rowley [Captain) William' Bill' McKay,George 'Billy' Vose.

Ground Billy Bryant,William 'Bill' Robertson, William Owen,,Hurbert Redwood

Wembley23 have Licensed the above print silver halide printing on Fuji professional DP11 photo paper in lustre finish